SEARCH Ending After 40 Years!

SEARCH of Rochester is dissolving and requests that you put your support into the many and diverse programs offered at Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center:

SEARCH of Rochester has now passed the 40 year mark. What an astonishing achievement for any organization, and especially for one born out of interest from a parapsychology class at the local junior college. Over the years SEARCH has brought many fabulous speakers to the local metaphysical community. We have offered workshops and even hosted psychic fairs. We achieved this during a time when admitting to an interest in metaphysics was not something most people did openly. SEARCH of Rochester was the only place you could experience metaphysical camaraderie for many years. Fortunately, times have certainly changed!

This announcement is about change. Within the southeastern Minnesota area there has been an increase in the number of holistic, spiritual, and paranormal interest groups and businesses. While we still are not reading about metaphysics on the front page of our paper, or even buried deep inside, the topic is becoming more widely accepted as people awaken to a new awareness of how the world really works.

Your SEARCH Board of Directors has worked hard to bring meaningful programs and offer a variety of changes to make the organization stronger. Over time the group has moved from being a membership-driven organization depending on volunteers to an organizing body depending on volunteers. The key to success is volunteers. People are busy. Volunteers are harder to find, leaving those who are still involved doing a lot of work. Yes, it is a labor of love for those who embrace metaphysics. But life goes on and other interests arise.

The SEARCH Board has voted unanimously to dissolve SEARCH and lend our support to Wind over Fire Healing Arts owned by Mary and John Laven. The description of their business is clearly consistent with the history and mission of SEARCH:

Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center is dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness and wholeness. It is a center for education, and if I may, a Mystery School on ancient wisdom and practices offering a bridge from the inner sacred to our ordinary realities! Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center is a place to be in good company amongst like-hearted spirits, reacquainting us with some old familiar knowledge, experiencing new thoughts and ideas, and old and new modalities to bring about self-awareness. My hope is to offer a variety of experiences to facilitate your personal journey here at this wellness emporium for mind, body and spirit.

The SEARCH Board would like to thank you for your presence and trust in SEARCH and encourages you to check out Wind over Fire, if you haven’t already. We wish you love, joy, and peace as you continue your spiritual journey.

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Palm Reading by Nancy Anderson

palm reading 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


1727 Walden Lane SW

Rochester, MN 55902

Palmistry is one of the oldest divining tools known. This talk will highlight the history of palmistry and discuss how your health can affect the lines on the hand and some practical exercises and visual charts of the hands. There will be a question and answer session afterwards.

About Nancy: I started on a self-discovery search in 2005, exploring many different divination tools. I began this journey seeking my intuitive gifts and how to use them. Palmistry grabbed my attention (as I have most likely been doing this for many lifetimes). The practice of palmistry can be traced back to Aristotle in 384 B.C.E. I prefer the modern day theories instead of those of Victorian day. The new age palmistry is a rediscovery of old knowledge that had been repressed due to societal scrutiny.

Palmistry is analyzing a person’s character, personality and destiny. As unique as every person is, their unique story to be told is written on their hands. I palm read using the scientific method and occasionally I get intuitive impressions while reading a hand. I’m still learning to exercise my intuitive muscle and am having fun on my journey. Through my enthusiasm for this tool, I hope to help as many people as possible to understand their truth and what lies within them through their hands using palmistry.

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Rites of Passage: It’s All Inside!

303642_188812417853635_3083575_n (2)                      Nita Wolf                        

                     Tuesday, April 9, 2013                        


First Unitarian Universalist Church

1727 Walden Lane SW

Rochester, MN 55902  

Discover what “Rites of Passage” can mean for you. Transform and enhance your identity and life’s purpose through intentional awareness exercises and discussion. Learn more about dimensions of your personality by naming some of your “sub-personalities.”  What needs to go and what could be enhanced that is the best expression of your soul’s purpose? Learn about phases of harmonization and how to create an internal and external sacred space. You can attain peace, happiness, and balance during these escalated times by appreciating the awareness that “you are the one you have been waiting for!”

About Anita: I’m a wife, mother of 5, grandmother of 11, licensed family educator, trainer, workshop leader, licensed interfaith spiritual counselor and leader in groups. Since I was an Air Force service dependent growing up, this is the longest I have ever lived any place. )Earlier in life I attended 12 schools in 12 years!) I’ve even stopped saying, “But, I’m really from New Mexico” and say “I’m from Minnesota now.”

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Toning Meditation with David Chim


David Chim

March 12, 2013


Many of us have experienced the wonders of David Chim and his amazing toning!                          

He is back here in Rochester for this special experiential evening.  David Chim will be taking us on this journey of meditation and toning vibration. You will be taking a journey into the depths of your Being with a guided meditation by David Chim using sound.  These sacred frequencies were handed down to our ancestors as a vehicle for the natural expansion of consciousness.  With your own voice YOU will begin to discover the innate gifts within that are extremely powerful and absolutely unique for your spiritual growth. YOU will feel your true essence ignited within your physical being. YOU will then know a point of reference to return to at any time, allowing you to master and choose this gift.

David chim arcetron

Click here  or  here to learn more about the Arkatron device.

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Have You Ever Wondered About the Color of Your Aura?


Feb 12, 2013

6-7PM – Aura photos (fee)

7-9PM – Presentation

Moon Wisdom

Lisa Podritz and Beth Lindenfelser are sisters… and while on their spiritual path found a calling to gather an array of products and services to help with clearing, meditating and healing.  They considered themselves “Aura Junkies”, having their aura photos taken and read many many times.  Five years ago they purchased their own aura camera and program and since then have participated in many expos, events and home parties, taking thousande of aura photos.  Lisa and Beth have taken beginners and advanced psychic develpment classes and beginners and advanced hands-on healing classes.  Lisa is a certified Reiki Master, a Level 1 Healing Touch Student and a Crystologist.  They received training from Carol Lowell, Echo Bodine, Bob Sullivan, The Metal Institute, Healing Touch Program and Karen Kuk-Nagle.

Visit the Moon Wisdom website by clicking here.

Aura photos will be available so come early  (6pm) if this is something you’d like to have.  Moon Wisdom offers snapshot photos, a 3 page report with printed photo and a 16 page report with printed photo.  Prices vary but range from $25 to $40.

Get your photo before the presentation and know even more about what your aura is telling you!

Channeling Our Guides by Susan Vivant

Definition of CHANNELER: a person who conveys thoughts or energy from a source believed to be outside the person’s body or conscious mind; specifically: one who speaks for nonphysical beings or spirits

Tuesday, Jan 8, 2013


We will be meeting in the Chapel for this meeting as another group needed our usual space.  Signs will be posted.  The Chapel is on the upper level at the east end of the building and is accessible by elevator. 

Sue was asked to provide us with a description of her talk.  Here is what she wrote:

I will call in the guides for the SEARCH group.  There are five guides.  I have asked one to be the main speaker but all will have input.  Leonardo will be the main guide to speak and give direction.  I ask they give me an outline of what will come through before we meet.  I have not received that yet.  Previous subjects have been how I got here spiritually, my personal journey; a discussion on the angelic realm and the different functions of the different angels;  a discussion on guides and where they are from and their functions.  At this moment Leonardo is telling me there will be information on this universe and how it interacts with other universes and the effects of that.

Kristin Fischer will be coming to tone and Patty Vivant will do the crystal bowl.  Kristin will do an introduction on the toning.  If you have an experience during the toning you will have an opportunity to share.

There will be time for questions; both personal and for the group.  The groups guides and your personal guides will all be present to answer as they wish.

I am looking forward to this experience –

Sue Vivant


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Habits and Peculiarities of Ghosts and Astral Beings by Annie Wilder

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Search of Rochester

Raised in a family with Irish-German roots and strong intuitive abilities, the unseen world of angels, spirits, and lost souls has always been a familiar part of Annie Wilder’s everyday life.  Annie, who has lived in a haunted house for eighteen years, will speak about the habits and peculiarities of ghosts and astral beings.

She is the author of three books, House of Spirits and Whispers, a true account of living in a haunted house; Spirits Out of Time, a collection of true family ghost stories; and Trucker Ghost Stories, true tales of haunted highways, weird encounters, and legends of the road.

Annie hosts haunted tea parties in her spirit-filled Victorian home nestled in a sleepy Mississippi River town in Minnesota. She has been a guest on the acclaimed radio program Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and appeared on the Biography Channel show My Ghost Story. Her ghost experiences have been featured in national print and online publications including FIRST for Womenmagazine and

Annie’s home has been investigated by teams of ghost hunters, and visited by a number of prominent psychics including Linda Drake and Echo Bodine.

To go to Annie’s website click here.



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Accessing the Akashic Records by Craig Lang


Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Search of Rochester 

Within the fabric of space-time is a memory of everything anyone has ever done, spoken, or even thought. Like the ultimate video recording, it is a record of every event in an eternal, infinite universe. Vedic scriptures call it the Akashic Records. In the Bible, it is the Book of Life. In modern physics, we can think of it as a quantum hologram in the zero-point field.

 In The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot describes the zero-point field as the medium for the universal mind. In my view, it is a vast mind-field, accessible to anyone in meditation or hypnosis. We can take a metaphorical journey, following the trail of knowledge from question to answer to the next question and so on within the hall of records – a universe recorded in the archives.

 In this talk, we discuss the idea behind the Akashic Records, touching on modern physics and ancient metaphysics. We then go into a group meditation, travelling to the hall of doors and exploring the library. Join me in an interesting journey – In the Akashic Hall.

Craig Lang is a Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, researcher, writer and healer. He lives and works in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota – a northern suburb of Minneapolis. He works in service to humanity, doing both research and healing work in a variety of areas.

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BioAlchemy by TJ DiCiaula

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
Search of Rochester

To schedule a private session with TJ while he is in Rochester check out the services he will be offering by clicking here.

BioLogical Alchemy is an informational system used for integrating Universal energy into human perspective.    BioAlchemy works with the Elemental Forces of the Medicine Wheel and the 13 body Chakras using Sacred Geometry, Crystal and Gemstones, Sound Toning, and Power Animals as templates so one may work directly with their chakras.

The 13 Chakra system of BioAlchemy is HEART CENTERED and provides an accelerated template for personal growth and resonates with the Galactic Tone of the Mayan Calendar.  It provides the Yogic philosophy and Consciousness Physics for One to know thy Self and harmonize with Nature for conscious evolution.

This presentation will introduce alchemical tools and Sacred Geometry codes for participants to use in their personal practice.  Please bring colors, a straight edge, compass for making circles, and an open mind and heart!

TJ DiCiaula

Shamanic Practitioner of Healing Arts.  He has a degrees in Biology and Chemistry (Bio-Medical Science concentration), Therapeutic Body and Energy Work, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing and is a Reiki Master.  He also facilitates a QiGong & Yoga class called INNERSIZE for holistic health enhancement.

TJ incorporates the study of Sacred Geometry and BioEnergetics with the path of the Medicine Wheel and Shamanic initiation to provide a clear, logical, and thorough template for healing, personal and Spiritual development, and divination called BIOLOGICAL ALCHEMY.

TJ has also created a Super-foods Company in Madison, Wisconsin, called SuperCharge! Foods, which specializes in nutrient dense, bio-energetically charged, LIVE microgreens.

TJ lives outside LaCrosse, Wisconsin near Hokah, Minnesota where he makes medicinal jewelry and art.  He is available for sessions and readings via distance or in person.

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The Chakras, Transpersonal Chakras, and the Awakening of the Light Body

Presented by Christina Wilke-Burbach, PhD(c), MA, RMT, Rev


(see bio below)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Search of Rochester

To schedule a private session with Christina while she is in Rochester check out the services she will be offering by clicking here.

The Chakras are the main energy centers in our body. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. Their function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness.  There are seven main Chakras. Each chakra is associated with certain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual interactions.

The energy coming to us from the cosmos and universe is changing. New and potent energies of high frequency light are becoming increasingly available to us in the earth plane. As a result, the Transpersonal Chakras that exist above and below the physical body are awakening.

All of the Chakras are located within the Light Body. The Light Body is a structure of light from higher dimensions. Your Light Body is a newer energy body—a part of your aura that was not possible to awaken before these new, higher energies came to the earth plane. There are seven vibrational energy body centers that power the Light Body. Each one of these centers corresponds to a Chakra and lies on top of it, a level closer to your soul. Your Light Body opens doorways to even higher realms of light, such as the soul, Monad, and divine.

In this presentation, we will review the functions and themes of the main Chakras, Transpersonal Chakras, and the Light Body centers.  You will connect to and experience all of these energy centers. You will learn how to further awaken your Light Body and Transpersonal Chakras. We will discuss how the Chakras and Light Body can be used as vehicles of personal growth and spiritual transcendence.

Christina Wilke-Burbach, PhD(c), MA, RMT, Rev

Christina is a holistic healer, wellness consultant, Reiki Master Teacher, ordained minister, lightworker, and an Awakening Your Light Body Graduate. Her business is Mind, Soul, and Self LLC and is based in Wisconsin.

  • She will complete her PhD in Health Psychology later this year (2012). She has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, 2 bachelor degrees in Psychology and Cultural Anthropology, and a minor in Sociology.
  • She has presented at academic conferences and has taught hundreds of classes, workshops, and group sessions throughout the entire state of Wisconsin as well as Minnesota and California. She is a published author and award winning researcher and healthcare provider.
  • She teaches on a number of topics that include Holistic Healing, the Chakras, Reiki, meditation, altered states of consciousness, and advanced energy healing. She also teaches certification courses in Holistic Healing with Aromatherapy, Holistic Healing with Herbs, and Holistic Healing with Food.
  • She is an instructor in the Institute for Intuitive Arts and Sciences in Madison, WI
  • She designs and facilitates women’s wellness, metaphysical,  and spiritual retreats in the Midwest
  • She created a line of Mind, Soul, and Selfcare products that promote holistic health and wellness and facilitate spiritual development
  • For more info, please visit
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