Sacred Geometry


Presented by Jim Albani

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Search of Rochester

For some, Sacred Geometry is a study of ancient temples, sacred sites, and patterns found in the cosmos. For others, Sacred Geometry is a means of leaving their body to travel to other dimensions. To the students of Sacred Gaiametry, Sacred Geometry is a metaphor for this Earth walk – a means of becoming grounded in our Divine Humanness – a way to radiate our Divinity to all parts of our Earth experience.

Sacred Gaiametry combines the wisdom of the Masculine Mystery Schools of Geometry with the Feminine Mystery School of the Earth – Gaia. This path acknowledges, honors, and empowers the Divine within her explorers.
Sacred Gaiametry recognizes all of the archetypal forms and shapes as chalices containing all the information and memories of our multitude of soul incarnations. These memories are all stored in our pineal gland, the akashic record within each of us.
The teachings are of the Seventh Ray and support the Universal Laws on both the spiritual and physical planes. They embrace the concept of the Fifth Dimension Guru — the guru within or G.U.R.U. (Gee You Are You).

Facilitates Ascension Gaiametric Initiations and other rituals
Teaches classes in Sacred Gaiametry, Crop Circles and Archetypal Symbolism
Teaches classes in creating vocal overtones, sound healing and the use of self-generated sound in our daily lives
Teaches classes on the lives and teachings of the Ascended Masters, Universal Laws and New Approaches to Honoring the Creator Within
Founder of Toning Service & Minister at Lake Harriet Community Church in Minneapolis (7 years)
Is a Sound Healer using sound, vibration and intention to facilitate healing
Is a carrier of Peruvian Whistling Vessels