Astrology and the Buddha Moon


Astrology and the Buddha Moon by Barbara Everett

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
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May’s Full Moon, called Wesak Moon, is considered the most auspicious day in the Buddhist calendar. It is the celebration of the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha.

Spiritual energies are at peak during full moons, and in Buddhist tradition the Wesak Moon is the most potent amongst these.

The origins of this celebration are connected to agricultural notions of time based on the moon. The previous New Moon before Wesak is the Sun and Moon annual rendezvous in the earth sign of Taurus.

The image is, as the Moon gets pregnant reaching the water sign of Scorpio, so our consciousness grows expanding within us.

This is the time of the year where the soil is removed and prepared to be seeded. The concept of insemination is backed up by the mirroring of the Sun and Moon, Father and Mother, in Earth and Water, blessing man’s yearly labor.

Wesak is about man’s union with nature and with the stars. A celebration of the divinity behind all manifestation: the infinite intelligence that lives in all. This is the feast. Man acknowledging his place. Honoring all living beings. All participants in the cycle of life.

Buddha reached inside himself and lived the same process that lives in nature. He opened himself, was fecund by divinity, and was made a man-god.

In his honor, for centuries, in Tibet, Nepal, India and South Asia, it is a time for meditation, and chanting. A powerful time of prayer and devotion with a focus on healing and enlightenment for all beings. Generosity and kindness are practiced in service of all living things. As too are dancing, painting and dramatic reenactments.

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Barbara is a spiritual teacher, intuitive counselor, astrologer-numerologer, and an independent minister. She founded the Aquarian Light, a very successful spiritual center in Minneapolis, MN and now offers season events, weddings, ceremonies and personal appointments for Wisdom Readings in Bloomington, MN.