BioAlchemy by TJ DiCiaula

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
Search of Rochester

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BioLogical Alchemy is an informational system used for integrating Universal energy into human perspective.    BioAlchemy works with the Elemental Forces of the Medicine Wheel and the 13 body Chakras using Sacred Geometry, Crystal and Gemstones, Sound Toning, and Power Animals as templates so one may work directly with their chakras.

The 13 Chakra system of BioAlchemy is HEART CENTERED and provides an accelerated template for personal growth and resonates with the Galactic Tone of the Mayan Calendar.  It provides the Yogic philosophy and Consciousness Physics for One to know thy Self and harmonize with Nature for conscious evolution.

This presentation will introduce alchemical tools and Sacred Geometry codes for participants to use in their personal practice.  Please bring colors, a straight edge, compass for making circles, and an open mind and heart!

TJ DiCiaula

Shamanic Practitioner of Healing Arts.  He has a degrees in Biology and Chemistry (Bio-Medical Science concentration), Therapeutic Body and Energy Work, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing and is a Reiki Master.  He also facilitates a QiGong & Yoga class called INNERSIZE for holistic health enhancement.

TJ incorporates the study of Sacred Geometry and BioEnergetics with the path of the Medicine Wheel and Shamanic initiation to provide a clear, logical, and thorough template for healing, personal and Spiritual development, and divination called BIOLOGICAL ALCHEMY.

TJ has also created a Super-foods Company in Madison, Wisconsin, called SuperCharge! Foods, which specializes in nutrient dense, bio-energetically charged, LIVE microgreens.

TJ lives outside LaCrosse, Wisconsin near Hokah, Minnesota where he makes medicinal jewelry and art.  He is available for sessions and readings via distance or in person.

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