Channeling Our Guides by Susan Vivant

Definition of CHANNELER: a person who conveys thoughts or energy from a source believed to be outside the person’s body or conscious mind; specifically: one who speaks for nonphysical beings or spirits

Tuesday, Jan 8, 2013


We will be meeting in the Chapel for this meeting as another group needed our usual space.  Signs will be posted.  The Chapel is on the upper level at the east end of the building and is accessible by elevator. 

Sue was asked to provide us with a description of her talk.  Here is what she wrote:

I will call in the guides for the SEARCH group.  There are five guides.  I have asked one to be the main speaker but all will have input.  Leonardo will be the main guide to speak and give direction.  I ask they give me an outline of what will come through before we meet.  I have not received that yet.  Previous subjects have been how I got here spiritually, my personal journey; a discussion on the angelic realm and the different functions of the different angels;  a discussion on guides and where they are from and their functions.  At this moment Leonardo is telling me there will be information on this universe and how it interacts with other universes and the effects of that.

Kristin Fischer will be coming to tone and Patty Vivant will do the crystal bowl.  Kristin will do an introduction on the toning.  If you have an experience during the toning you will have an opportunity to share.

There will be time for questions; both personal and for the group.  The groups guides and your personal guides will all be present to answer as they wish.

I am looking forward to this experience –

Sue Vivant


By searchofrochester