Have You Ever Wondered About the Color of Your Aura?


Feb 12, 2013

6-7PM – Aura photos (fee)

7-9PM – Presentation

Moon Wisdom

Lisa Podritz and Beth Lindenfelser are sisters… and while on their spiritual path found a calling to gather an array of products and services to help with clearing, meditating and healing.  They considered themselves “Aura Junkies”, having their aura photos taken and read many many times.  Five years ago they purchased their own aura camera and program and since then have participated in many expos, events and home parties, taking thousande of aura photos.  Lisa and Beth have taken beginners and advanced psychic develpment classes and beginners and advanced hands-on healing classes.  Lisa is a certified Reiki Master, a Level 1 Healing Touch Student and a Crystologist.  They received training from Carol Lowell, Echo Bodine, Bob Sullivan, The Metal Institute, Healing Touch Program and Karen Kuk-Nagle.

Visit the Moon Wisdom website by clicking here.

Aura photos will be available so come early  (6pm) if this is something you’d like to have.  Moon Wisdom offers snapshot photos, a 3 page report with printed photo and a 16 page report with printed photo.  Prices vary but range from $25 to $40.

Get your photo before the presentation and know even more about what your aura is telling you!