Rites of Passage: It’s All Inside!

303642_188812417853635_3083575_n (2)                      Nita Wolf                        

                     Tuesday, April 9, 2013                        


First Unitarian Universalist Church

1727 Walden Lane SW

Rochester, MN 55902  

Discover what “Rites of Passage” can mean for you. Transform and enhance your identity and life’s purpose through intentional awareness exercises and discussion. Learn more about dimensions of your personality by naming some of your “sub-personalities.”  What needs to go and what could be enhanced that is the best expression of your soul’s purpose? Learn about phases of harmonization and how to create an internal and external sacred space. You can attain peace, happiness, and balance during these escalated times by appreciating the awareness that “you are the one you have been waiting for!”

About Anita: I’m a wife, mother of 5, grandmother of 11, licensed family educator, trainer, workshop leader, licensed interfaith spiritual counselor and leader in groups. Since I was an Air Force service dependent growing up, this is the longest I have ever lived any place. )Earlier in life I attended 12 schools in 12 years!) I’ve even stopped saying, “But, I’m really from New Mexico” and say “I’m from Minnesota now.”

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