Search of Rochester

PO Box 6645

Rochester, MN 55903


Search of Rochester was incorporated as a non-profit, chairitable corporation in 1973.  It began when a group of people took a class about paranormal psychology at a local college.  When the class was finished…the students were not.  They decided to bring in speakers who could help them to continue their investigation into the paranormal.

 Over the years Search has morphed into a group of people interested in metaphysics and quantum physics and continues to attract speakers on a wide variety of interesting topics.  Our speakers have engaged, entertained, and enlightened us on topics ranging from holistic health and integrative therapies to oneness and spirituality to numerology, astrology, and human design!

We provide a warm welcome to our guests and members and encourage friendship and sharing.  We are are open to new ideas and invite whatever level of participation you may wish to explore.  We do not tell anyone what to think, but instead offer information and let you decide if and where it fits into your life.

If you have additional questions you may contact any of our directors listed below by emailing them at searchofrochester@gmail.com  and putting their name in the subject line.


Board of Directors

President: Sandee TePoel

Vice-President: Don Prohaska

Secretary:  Brianne Wolf-Elias

Co-Treasurer: Jack Randolph

Co-Treasurer: Linda Nelson

At Large: Cindy Macrafic

                 At Large: Mary Laven