Speaker Guidelines



Thank you for your interest in speaking with SEARCH of Rochester.  We welcome individuals who present on alternative and esoteric topics at our monthly meetings.  Our guidelines are as follows:

 TOPICS– SEARCH has speakers on a variety of topics that provide “alternative” information on esoteric subject-matters.  We have no requirement that you are a professional speaker, but you must know your topic well and present in a congenial and informed manner.  SEARCH will approve the topic upon agreement with the speaker and we expect that the speaker will keep with the approved topic.

 SELF-HELP FOCUS – From your talk/presentation, our hope is that attendees will be introduced to new thoughts and ideas, and learn and expand their thinking from their normal reality. Although it is not a requirement, we hope that they might be able to take away some information/ provide clarity, exercise, ritual, or experience that they can do themselves to improve their personal journey.

 DURATION –Our typical meetings run from 7:00 to 9PM the second Tuesday of every month. The speaker has approximately 1.5 hours to speak. In the beginning there is a 15 minute introduction of the SEARCH Board and some announcements, along with the introduction of the guest speaker. Then there is a 15 minute break after the first hour (at which time people will ask you questions, buy any items that you are selling, grab a snack or take care of personal business.)  If your format is different, let us know and we can discuss.

 HANDOUTS – Providing a handout(s) with information or a summary of your talk or worksheets, would be helpful for people who might not remember what they have heard.  Often times it slows down the presentation if attendees are writing notes and ask the speaker to repeat the information as they were writing and not listening to the rest of the information. There may also be issues with attendees that may handicap their abilities to take notes that you may want to consider.

NETWORKING – Bring your business cards and flyers for networking.  We’ll keep them on hand for people at future mini-seminars who missed your presentation to pick up.

 We do not mind that you promote your work; however under no conditions should you use this speaking engagement to advertise or market your business.  You may request for people to add their names/emails to a list if they require further information or would like to be on your distribution list.

 PAYMENT – Payment for your talk is a flat rate of $140.00. SEARCH does not cover any travel expenses. And, if you wish to do this evening pro-bono, we will be happy to except your gracious offer.


SEARCH of Rochester
Meetings held 9 months from August through May
every second Tuesday at the
First Unitarian Universalist Church 
1727 Walden Lane SW
Rochester, Minnesota 55902

507.271.2059 Cell phone for Linda Nelson, SEARCH board member