Vendor Guidelines


Vendors are permitted to sell their products from 6:00pm-7:00pm.

 You must be a paid member in good standing to solicit or sell your products or services.

  1. To become a vendor at SEARCH, you must be a paid member ($40/yr).
  2. To remain a vendor in good standing you must also pay the $10 meeting fee each time you attend.
  3. Please arrive a few minutes before 6:00pm to set up.
  4. Turn in this check-in form at the front table before each meeting.  It will be used to acknowledge your business during the meeting.   
  5. Only one table is allowed per vendor. 
  6. Sales are only permitted from 6pm-7pm.  There are to be no sales transacted during the break or after the meeting. This helps us stay on time and out of respect to our speakers, allows them to interact with members and make sales of their own books or other products.
  7. You may take down your table at 9pm when the meeting ends.
  8. As a paid member you are also entitled to one business card ad on the SEARCH website; to be displayed from Sep-May.  Please submit your business card when you pay for your membership.




Products offered:______________________

On the behalf of SEARCH, thank you for participating.