SEARCH of Rochester Ends After 40 Years

SEARCH of Rochester is dissolving and requests that you put your support into the many and diverse programs offered at Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center:

SEARCH of Rochester has now passed the 40 year mark.  What an astonishing achievement for any organization, and especially for one born out of interest from a parapsychology class at the local junior college.  Over the years SEARCH has brought many fabulous speakers to the local metaphysical community.  We have offered workshops and even hosted psychic fairs.  We achieved this during a time when admitting to an interest in metaphysics was not something most people did openly.  SEARCH of Rochester was the only place you could experience metaphysical camaraderie for many years.  Fortunately, times have certainly changed!

This announcement is about change.  Within the southeastern Minnesota area there has been an increase in the number of holistic, spiritual, and paranormal interest groups and businesses.  While we still are not reading about metaphysics on the front page of our paper, or even buried deep inside, the topic is becoming more widely accepted as people awaken to a new awareness of how the world really works.

Your SEARCH Board of Directors has worked hard to bring meaningful programs and offer a variety of changes to make the organization stronger.  Over time the group has moved from being a membership-driven organization depending on volunteers to an organizing body depending on volunteers.  The key to success is volunteers.  People are busy.  Volunteers are harder to find, leaving those who are still involved doing a lot of work.  Yes, it is a labor of love for those who embrace metaphysics.  But life goes on and other interests arise.

The SEARCH Board has voted unanimously to dissolve SEARCH and lend our support to Wind over Fire Healing Arts owned by Mary and John Laven.  The description of their business is clearly consistent with the history and mission of SEARCH:   

Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center is dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness and wholeness. It is a center for education, and if I may, a Mystery School on ancient wisdom and practices offering a bridge from the inner sacred to our ordinary realities! Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center is a place to be in good company amongst like-hearted spirits, reacquainting us with some old familiar knowledge, experiencing new thoughts and ideas, and old and new modalities to bring about self-awareness. My hope is to offer a variety of experiences to facilitate your personal journey here at this wellness emporium for mind, body and spirit.  

The SEARCH Board would like to thank you for your presence and trust in SEARCH and encourages you to check out Wind over Fire, if you haven’t already.  We wish you love, joy, and peace as you continue your spiritual journey.