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May14, 2013 Meeting Topic:  Palm Reading by Nancy Anderson

palm reading 2013

Apr 9, 2013 – Meeting topic:  Rites of Passage: It’s All Inside! by Nita Wolf

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Mar 12, 2013 – Meeting topic: Toning Meditation with David Chim


Feb 12, 2013 – Meeting topic:  Have You Ever Wondered About the Color of Your Aura?

by Moon Wisdom Lisa Podritz and Beth Lindenfelser


Annie Wilder spoke at SEARCH in December 2012 and has arranged a special tea party for our group.  If you are interested in touring Annie’s haunted house and enjoying tea and conversation then make your reservation before all seats are filled.  There is only room for 12 guests!  To reserve your seat send an email request to:   annie@anniewilder.com


Jan 8 – Meeting topic:  Channeling Our Guides by Susan Vivant

Definition of CHANNELER: a person who conveys thoughts or energy from a source believed to be outside the person’s body or conscious mind; specifically: one who speaks for nonphysical beings or spirits

Dec 11 – Meeting topic:  Habits and Peculiarities of Ghosts and Astral Beings  by Annie Wilder

Nov 13 – Meeting topic:  Accessing the Akashic Records by Craig Lang

Oct 9 – Meeting topic: BioAlchemy by TJ DiCiaula

Sep 11 – Meeting topic: The Chakras, Transpersonal Chakras, and the Awakening of the Light Body

by Christina Wilke-Burbach


Sep 12 & 13: Schedule a private session with Chritina Wilke-Burbach

Click here for details